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Living in the Northeast, we all have become accustomed to severe winter weather, with storms that bring significant accumulations of snow and ice in a very short period of time. While these weather events can be picturesque and provide recreational opportunities for children and adults alike, they can also create extremely hazardous winter weather conditions that can cause serious injuries. Massachusetts law allows individual towns to enact bylaws that regulate the removal of snow and ice on buildings and sidewalks. It also limits governmental liability from injuries sustained on public ways due to snow or ice, if the place where the accident occurred was otherwise safe. There are some circumstances under which a person injured in a slip and fall accident that was the result of snow or ice accumulation could recover, particularly if the accident occurred on private property. As a result, anyone who has been injured because of snow or ice this winter should be sure to consult with an experienced Framingham slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.

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