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CPSC: Design Ideas Issues Magnet Recall Due to Hazard of Serious Injury to Children

1334367_53053749When we purchase consumer products, we expect them to be safe and free of any defects that have the potential to cause injury. This is particularly true when it comes to products intended for or children, such as strollers, cribs, toys, or clothing. Because children are often unable to appreciate risks that adults may find apparent, children’s products are subject to strict government regulation. Sometimes however, these regulations are insufficient, and innocent victims may be injured before a problem is even recognized.

Home and office accessory manufacturer Design Ideas has recalled certain magnets due to a risk of ingestion and the potential for resulting serious injury. The recall involves three products: Design Ideas and Neatlife Rubber Ducky Magnets, Design Ideas Blowfish Magnets, and Design Ideas Splat Magnets. These magnets are designed for home of office use, and involve a small magnet place on the bottom of a brightly colored plastic objects in the shape of a duck, blowfish, or a splat. They were sold in various retail locations between March 2007 and February 2014, including Nordstrom’s Rack, CB2, novelty and gift stores, art stores, and book stores.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)website, the small magnets can easily detach from the rest of the product. If swallowed by a child, the magnets can link up inside a child’s intestines, potentially causing the following problems:

  • Intestinal obstructions
  • Perforations
  • Sepsis
  • Other internal injuries

Consumers who have purchased the products at issue should stop using them immediately and place them out of reach of children. They can obtain a refund for the products purchased by contacting Design Ideas.

Under Massachusetts law, a person injured by a consumer product may be able to pursue a claim against the manufacturer, designer, or even the retailer of the product. These claims generally arise from the defective design, manufacture, or marketing of a good. Defective marketing is also known as “failure to warn,” and involves situations in which a nonobvious danger posed by a product could be easily mitigated by warning the consumer. There are many types of products that may give rise to a products liability claim. Some of the most common include the following:


  • Cars and trucks
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Toys
  • Boats
  • Household appliances
  • Personal motor vehicles
  • Cosmetics
  • Food products
  • Machinery and tools

The injuries that consumer products can cause can be very serious, and in some cases may involve long-term medical complications. As a result, it is important for those affected to ensure that their legal rights are protected by discussing their case with a lawyer as soon as possible. Product liability claims are subject to a strict statute of limitations, so any delay in filing a claim could jeopardize your ability to recover.

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