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Framingham Man Injured in an Auto Accident

Framingham Man Injured in an Auto Accident

The Metrowest Daily News recently reported that a man, who was not identified, was transported to the hospital after he was involved in a motor vehicle accident that took place the morning of December 17th.  The accident, which occurred at the intersection of Hartford and Concord, only involved one vehicle, and the driver sustained severe leg injuries when his black sport utility vehicle collided with a utility pole.  The incident also caused significant property damage, as the news reported that the accident cracked the SUV’s windshield, caused the airbags to deploy, knocked off the driver’s side front wheel and back door, and smashed in the driver’s side front door.

Driver not necessarily at fault

Though the cause of the accident has not yet been determined, many people may assume that it was the SUV driver’s fault since only a single vehicle was involved.  However, this may not be the case, as there are plenty of other potential causes of single-car accidents that are beyond the driver’s control.  In fact, if investigations show the accident was actually caused by another party’s negligent actions, the man may be able to be fully compensated for all of the injuries and property damage he sustained.  Similarly, if you are involved in a one car accident, never assume that you will be unable to recover for your losses.  Instead, always contact an experienced Framingham car accident attorney to discuss a possible case.

Were road conditions a possible factor?

The city of Framingham has a responsibility to keep the roads well-maintained and safe for drivers, however accidents regularly occur across the United States due to hazardous road conditions.  Examples of possible road hazards include:

  • Potholes
  • Uneven lane surfaces
  • Shoulder drop-offs
  • Wheel ruts or grooves due to inadequate resurfacing
  • Improper drainage, causing pooling water or isolated ice patches
  • Failure to properly clear snow or salt roads

Especially with the recent snow fall, failure to properly clear roads of snow or ice may have realistically been a major factor in causing this single-car accident.  If it turns out that poor road conditions caused or contributed to the accident, the victim may have a case to recover.

Did his SUV malfunction?

Often, defective or malfunctioning car parts can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle and be involved in an accident.  Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that auto parts are designed, manufactured, and assembled in a manner that is safe for drivers.  Unfortunately, sometimes manufacturers make mistakes and distribute defective products.  Some examples of defective car parts that commonly cause accidents include:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Steering columns
  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock brake systems
  • Acceleration controls

If a car part malfunctions due to a defect and causes an accident, the manufacturer should be liable for any resulting damage.  Therefore, if authorities determine that the brakes on the SUV suddenly failed, the tire blew out, or that the airbags suddenly deployed while driving, the driver could likely recover for his injuries and property damage from the appropriate company.

If you have been in any type of car accident, you should always look into the possibility of recovering for your losses.  Call (508) 969-9505 to set up a free auto accident consultation with Cappetta Law Offices today.


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