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helmetA seventeen year old boy was gearing up for the fourth quarter of a football game when he ran to the field and got ready for the play that would change his life.  The quarterback snapped the ball and the seventeen year old boy was involved in a helmet to helmet collision that knocked him unconscious immediately.  The boy, now a 21 year old man, was left partially paralyzed and without his short term memory.  Even after extensive physical therapy and occupational rehab, he relies on the assistance of a cane and is susceptible to seizures in any given moment as a result.  A lawsuit was filed against the manufacturer of the helmet, alleging an unsafe and/or defective design of the helmet pad, which was the alleged cause of the heartbreaking tragedy suffered by the young football player.

Similar cases have been filed against manufacturers of helmets across the country with factual situations like the above referenced case in California.  In Massachusetts, a case was recently filed against Riddell, Inc., the same manufacturer alleged with creating a defective helmet in the California case above.  The complaint, filed in Massachusetts, alleges that Riddell, Inc.’s failure to design the helmets to design and manufacturing specifications resulted in the following: Continue reading →

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