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penWhen the circus rolls into town there are sights and sounds that captivate the audience.  Many gasps and sighs form a chorus in the crowd in response to the planned acrobat stunts from the seasoned gymnasts and adventurers employed by the circus.  The light and ethereal mood can become dark and somber when the gasps and sighs correspond to unplanned events- like accidents.  Such was the case this past weekend in Providence when eight circus acrobats were hurt during a performance when a rig collapsed with the performers in midair.

Eight female acrobats were hanging by their hair forming a human chandelier when an apparatus fell and plummeted to the ground. The eight performers were brought to the hospital to treat their injuries.  As of the date of this writing, three of the performers are currently labeled as being in critical condition.  While no audience members were injured in the tragic accident, the question arises as to what happens when a patron or audience member signs a “waiver” or a release of liability prior to being in the audience or participating in a dangerous activity. Continue reading →

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